Bryn R. Gleason is a Chicago based Printmaking Artist specializing in Intaglio Copper Etching. After her debut solo exhibition at the GreenPoint Gallery in New York, Gleason relocated to Chicago where she is now delving into the city’s diverse creative communities. In 2013 she received her BFA in Printmaking from the University of Minnesota, where she also studied Social Work. Gleason’s research in Family Violence Prevention and Intervention, along with her field work with homeless and underprivileged youth, greatly influenced the concepts in her early work. Her newest works focus on The Queer Community, celebrating love and highlighting its challenges. Supporting her concepts, Gleason’s print work demonstrates an impressive understanding of traditional and contemporary printmaking processes. Her use of both photographic and hand manipulated imagery, crafted on copper plates for intaglio printing, is uniquely experimental and skillfully executed. She often incorporates delicate and detailed images with aggressive and sporadic line work, resulting in an overall aesthetic that is dark, moody, and eerily captivating.